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Jesus Tanguma

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Psychology

Degree Program Ph.D. Psychology

Jesus Tanguma was born and raised in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico and immigrated into the USA at the age of 15. Since then, he has lived in McAllen, College Station, Clear Lake, and Edinburg, TX. His teaching experience includes teaching mathematics at junior high school, as well at high schools in Texas. While at the public schools, he taught from regular eight-grade mathematics all the way to calculus, at the high school. While at The University of Houston-Clear Lake School of Education, he taught undergraduate as well as MS level educational statistics courses. Similarly, while at The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) College of Business Administration, he taught undergraduate as well as PhD level business statistics courses (Quantitative Methods courses). During his time at UTPA, he also served as Director of Academic Assessment, UTPA. He earned his BS in Mathematics from The University of Texas-Pan American, and MS and PhD in Educational Psychology: Research, Measurement, and Statistics from Texas A&M University. His research has appeared in various journals including Educational and Psychological Measurement, Educational Research Quarterly, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Journal of Intercultural Disciplines, Leadership Review, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, American Journal of Health Promotion, International Journal of Services and Standards, and Journal of Leadership Education and in various national and international conference proceedings.

He has also evaluated Even Start Programs, Peer Mediation Programs, and has done Assessment Consulting for school districts.

He has been with Walden University since Fall 2011 and has taught PSYC 6131, 6725, 8300, 8314, 8316, 8760, and PSYC 9000. He has also taught RSCH 6100, 8100, and 8200. Additionally, he has served on Residencies. Finally, he has also served on dissertation committees as dissertation chair and/or methodologist, as well as URR.

Courses Taught

RSCH 6100 - Research Methods

RSCH 8100 - Research Methods

RSCH 8200 - Quant Reasoning & Analysis

PSYC 6131 - Theories of Learning

PSYC 6725 - Educational Psychology

PSYC 8300 - Phyl Found & Psyc Rsch

PSYC 8316 - Tests and Measurement

PSYC 8760 - Educational Psychology

PSYC 9000 - Dissertation

PSYC 8315 - Program Evaluation


GED, High School Equivalency Program, Pan American University

BS, Pan American University

MS, Texas A&M University

PhD, Texas A&M University

Awards / Honors

Dissertation of the year award, Texas A&M Univesity, 2000

UTPA Provost Award for International Studies, The University of Texas-Pan American, 2007


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Heretick, D., Tanguma, J. (2019). Students' attitudes towards statistics don't necessarily match their attitudes towards.

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