Jenna Gadarowski

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
B.S. Health Studies

Jennifer Gadarowski received her Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) at Walden University in February 2019. She is currently contributing faculty in the College of Health Sciences and Public Policy at Walden University after serving as a teaching assistant since April 2017. Dr. Gadarowski began as a faculty member at Walden in March 2019.

She teaches or has taught Concepts of Health Promotion, Behavioral and Cultural Issues, Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Healthcare, Disease Prevention, and Principles of Epidemiology. Dr. Gadarowski teaches in both the self-paced Tempo and traditional 6-week course modalities.

Additionally, she is assigned to multiple doctoral committees in the DrPH and PDH programs. Dr. Gadarowski also teaches residency for the DrPH program to help mentor and support students and their research. She is a voting member of the College of Health Science and School of Public Policy Administration CAP committee.

Professionally, Dr. Gadarowski has worked in infection control and disaster management. Her research interests include emerging infectious diseases, vaccinations, and epidemic prevention.

Courses Taught

HLTH 1000 - Concepts of Health Promotion

HLTH 2110 - Behavioral and Cultural Issues in Healthcare

HLTH 3105 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Healthcare

HLTH 4200 - Principles of Epidemiology

PUBH 4000 - Public Health Education and Communication


BLS, The University of Tampa

MPH, University of South Florida

DrPH, Walden University