Jayce Patton

Core Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Health
School of Counseling
Ph.D. Counseling Education & Supervision

Dr. Patton engages relational cultural theory and critical pedagogy in practice and teaching. His clinical work has centered on clients of gender and sexual diversity, transgender body migration, trauma and the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, abuse, relational concerns, depression, anxiety, bereavement, hoarding, self-harm, and other issues. He has served as faculty in both Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Counselor Education and Supervision for Walden University. He has served as a member of the Institutional Review Board, various leadership roles for a number of professional organizations, and is the Associate Editor for the Journal of Counseling Sexology and Sexual Wellness. He has presented at a number of national conferences including the American Counseling Association, the Association of Assessment and Research in Counseling, the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, and has published in several professional journals and as a chapter author of a number of textbooks. He is a Field Experience Coordinator for the MS Counseling Programs at Walden University.