Ingrid Walstad-Terpak

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Ph.D. Public Health

Ingrid Walstad-Terpak received her Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) in Health Sciences from the University of Bridgeport in December 2021. She also received her MS in Toxicology and Pharmacology from Michigan State University. She currently serves as contributing faculty in the College of Health Sciences and Public Policy at Walden University. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor and doctoral faculty advisor for Franklin University’s Doctor of Healthcare Administration Program.

Professionally, Dr. Walstad-Terpak has worked for the University of Michigan since 2007 as an Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist for the Department of Environment, Health and Safety. Her main role focuses on performing risk assessments, educating staff on regulatory compliance in occupational and environmental safety, evaluating human and environmental risks from hazards in the research setting and training staff on laboratory and research safety. Her primary areas of research interests focus on environmental and occupational toxicology. Her other area of research interest focuses on preventing disease through nutrition and supplementation.


Doctor of Health Science (DHSc), University of Bridgeport

MS, Michigan State University