Heba Tawfik

Core Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Ph.D. Public Health

Dr. Heba Tawfik is a physician and epidemiologist with more than twenty years of experience as a researcher, epidemiologist, and educator. She obtained her doctoral degree from the renowned Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University in New York. She has worked as a clinical epidemiologist in a variety of areas including infectious disease, cancer, women’s reproductive health, and maternal and child health. Dr. Tawfik has ample experience conducting various types of quantitative research and has also been involved in national and international public health projects sponsored by the World Health Organization in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. By combining her training as a physician and an epidemiologist, she brings an exceptional skill set to her work. She works with students in both the Ph.D. and DrPH programs at Walden University. She has experience teaching both Advanced Epidemiologic Methods and Statistics. She has numerous publications and has had the privilege of presenting her work at several professional meetings. She is a recipient of the prestigious Anna C. Gelman Award of Excellence in Epidemiology and the recipient of multiple Research Dissemination Grants.


DrPH, Columbia University

MPH, Alexandria University

MD, Alexandria University

Awards / Honors

Anna C Gelman for Excellence in Epidemiology, , 2012


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