Gemma Beckley

Contributing Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Barbara Solomon School of Social Work
Master of Social Work (MSW)

Dr. Gemma Beckley has taught for more than thirty years in the field of social work. Her teaching experience has included both undergraduate and graduate school program. Most recently as a Fulbright-Nehru Distinguished Professor she lived in India, as she taught as Marian College of Kuttitkuman, Kerala India, conducted research looking at the marital patterns of Indian Women. Having grown up during the turmoils of the 1960's in Birmingham Alabama, the study of segregation and the history and impact on marginalized populations in developing country has been a continual interest.

As a Contributing faculty with Walden University it is anticipated that the scholarship will be continued and a continuation of work related to diverse populations. Courses taught have included Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Social Work Practice with micro and mezzo levels and Introduction to Social Welfare and Research Methods for social workers.


Doctorate of Socia Welfare (DSW), Columbia University

MSW, Atlanta University (Clark Atlanta)

Public Service

Marshall County and State of Mississippi Chair of the Mississippi School Board Association, Board Member - Holly Springs

Awards / Honors

, Mississippi Humanities Council, 2017

, NASW, 2009

, Rust College Board of Trustee, 2005

, State of Mississippi Department ofEDucation, 2010

, United Methodist Board of Higher Education, 2008


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