Eugene Mckee

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Instructor Bio: Born in Pennsylvania, lived in Florida, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico, I now reside back on the mainland US.
Hurricanes have been a yearly event in a few neighborhoods where I resided; Hugo (St. Croix) 1989 was most devastating!
The three earned degrees that I possess are: Administration of Justice, Pre-Law/Political Science, and Curriculum & Instructional Technology in Education. Currently, I am on a fourth Educational Journey earning another degree!
I always look forward to the new learning!
Since 1986, I taught Grades 4-8 in various Schools in the Western Hemisphere, and I coached a variety of varsity/jr. varsity/elementary sports: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and softball. In addition, I have taught traditional college classes.
As an Walden Instructor, since 2008, I have taught Communications, English, Developing Student Portfolio, Success Learning Lab courses, World Religions, and now, I am teaching our HMNT 1001 Living and Learning in a Technology World!
I enjoy researching Educational writings and historical/non-fictional stories.
Placing my hands in the dirt of my flower and vegetable gardens are a few of my favorite things.
One of my favorite positions was a Counselor for Special Olympics Clients, and now, my family and I volunteer for the Athletes in the Special Olympics, for the Elderly at a local Health & Rehabilitation Center, and for the Kenyan Nuns at a local Carmelite Monastery.
May you have a Joy-filled Journey!

Courses Taught

COMM 1001 - Contemporary Communications

COMM 1000 - Communication Skills for Career Development

COMM 1002 - Group Presentation and Discussion

GNED 1000 - Developing Student Portfolios

WLDN 1000 - Dynamics of Walden Success: Learning Lab

ENGL 1001 - English Composition

ENGL 99 - Academic Writing Fundamentals

RELG 2001 - World Religions

HMNT 1001 - Living & Learning in a Tech World

Public Service

walden u, Volunteer - Richmond Hill