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Erica Fowler

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Professions

School of Health Sciences

Degree Program Ph.D. Health Education and Promotion

Erica N. Fowler, Ph.D is a strategy and analytics professional with a profound interest in generating data-driven insights to improve health and business outcomes through the lens of intersectionality. She has ten years’ experience designing study protocol, manipulating, modeling, interpreting, and reporting quantitative and qualitative data to describe and predict trends in patient health and consumer behavior using a variety of technical tools including SAS, SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

Dr. Fowler serves as a contributing faculty member to the Health Education & Promotion program at Walden University and serves on doctoral students' dissertation committees.

Dr. Fowler studied Public Health with a specialization is social epidemiology at The Ohio State University. She enjoys melding industry experience with her passion for public health to break down data silos and positively impact healthcare delivery and health outcomes. She has special interest in sociodemographic factors and Social Determinants of Health and their relation to health and health behaviors.


PhD, The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH United States

MPH, The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

BS, Stephen F. Austin State University - Nacogdoches, TX United States

Public Service

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, Board Member - Columbus, OH United States

Market Research Exchange of Central Ohio, Board Member - Columbus, OH United States

College of Public Health Alumni Society, Board Member - Columbus, OH United States


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