Ed Keane

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Forensic Psychology

Dr. Ed Keane. Dr. Keane has been a faculty member in higher education since 1970. Primarily, he works for the Connecticut State College and University system as a Professor of Psychology and Human Services. He is an Adjunct Professor in Graduate Psychology with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology and Police and Investigative Psychology at universities in New England. Dr. Keane has two doctoral degrees (1) Educational Psychology, and (2) Clinical Psychology. He has a true and lasting passion for teaching in the the higher education world. His teaching experience includes traditional classrooms for many years and exclusive Online instruction for the past 15 years. At Walden University he teaches in the Forensic Psychology Program with courses in Criminal Behavior, Abnormal Behavior, Crime and the Law, and Police Psychology. In addition to his teaching, Dr. Keane provides consultation to numerous police departments and other organizations in the areas of Critical Incident Stress Interventions and Wellness Programming. His sub-specialty is the prevention of suicide in the field of law enforcement. He is President Elect of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology, and is an active member of the American Psychological association, the Connecticut Psychological Association, and the New England Association of Crisis Negotiators (Hostage Negotiators). He provides mental health consultation to several Hostage Negotiation Teams at the Municipal, State, and Federal levels. Dr. Keane lives in Connecticut with his wife and two Shelties and three Ragdoll cats. Their two sons live outside Connecticut enjoying their quite opposite careers in robotic engineering and graphic design.