Edessa Jobli

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Ph.D. Health Services

Edessa Jobli has a Doctor of Medicine degree from Far Eastern University (Philippines) and a Masters in Public Health degree from University of North Florida (UNF). Dr. Jobli began as a part-time faculty at Walden College of Health Sciences April 2018. She has over 20 years experience in health education and promotion; and clinical, behavioral, and social science research in academic, community, and clinical settings. She has substantial experience in design, implementation and evaluation of research and public health programs. She also has background in training, mentoring, and supervising research team, and graduate students and doctoral candidates from allied health degrees. As an academician, Dr. Jobli was a visiting faculty at the UNF-College of Health and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Clinical Inquiry, Community Health Research, and Health Promotion and Health Education Strategies and Methods. She served as the Assistant Director of Research Services for the School of Nursing at UNF providing research and evaluation consults to faculty and students. She was also an adjunct instructor at University of Phoenix and taught courses on Research and Statistics, and Critical Thinking. She has a number of publications and presentations on community-based and health-related research projects and public health initiatives.


BS, University of the Philippines

MD, Far Eastern University Institute of Medicine

MS, University of North Florida

Awards / Honors

Award of Research Excellence, University of North Florida – Office of Research and Sponsored , 2014

Faculty Empowerment Service Award, University of North Florida – Student Disability Resource Center, 2010

Research Service Award, University of Florida - Department of Health Education and Behavior, 2005


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