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Earl Smith

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Barbara Solomon School of Social Work

Degree Program Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

Dr. Earl Bradford Smith's formal training is in Social Work and Educational Administration where he has served in various roles in his 30 plus career. Dr. Smith has served as School Social Worker; Medical Social Work; Social Worker for Children, Youth and Families and High School Secondary Principal. Dr. Smith has chaired various University and community Student Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion organizations. At Walden University, he teaches Graduate Master of Social Work courses.

Dr. Smith's current research interests focus primarily on Cultural Competency and Cultural Relativism, especially with Life-Long Learning and Critical Self-Reflection; Recognizing and challenging power imbalances; and Institutional Accountability, and has published over 20 peer reviewed articles on these research issues. He has presented at numerous conferences such as the Teachers Professor national conference. In 2013 and 2014, Dr. Smith was recognized by the Franklin Publishing Corporation for excellence in Research.