Donna Heretick

College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

Dr. Heretick has been with Walden University, School of Psychology, since 2010. In 2016 she became Coordinator, Ph.D. Psychology program. Dr. Heretick completed a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (Social/Personality Psychology) and also respecialized in Clinical Psychology. She practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist (for 18 years), has held various faculty and administrative leadership roles in graduate programs with various universities, and has served as consultant to non-profits and state entities. In 2022, she became a contributing faculty member, primarily chairing PhD Psychology dissertation students.

Courses Taught

PSYC 9000 - Ph.D. Dissertation


BS, College of William and Mary

MS, Virginia Commonwealth University

PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University


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