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Donald Carpenter

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program Doctor of Information Technology (DIT)

Don Carpenter (Dr. C) has a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Nebraska at Kearney; an MBA in Information Systems from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; a Ph.D. in Business Management Information Systems from University Nebraska-Lincoln; and a Doctor of Divinity from American Institute of Holistic Theology. He worked in industry for ten years and has consulted to 300+ clients in a variety of systems analysis and design topics. He has been a full-time instructor at Pikes Peak Community College (4 years), a tenured professor at University Nebraska at Kearney (18 years), and a tenured professor at Colorado Mesa University (14 years). Dr. C served as Department Chair of Computer Science and Information Systems for 15 years at UNK and served as MBA Director at CMU. He is now a member of the contributing faculty in the Doctor of Information Technology program at Walden University. He has over 100 publications in a wide range of information technology topics. Dr. C has been teaching remotely-delivered classes for thirty years.

Courses Taught

ITEC 9000 - Doctoral Student Completion

ITEC 8100 - Doctoral Student Mentoring

ITEC 8437 - Quantitative Decision-Making for Strategic Analysis

ITEC 8010 - Fundamentals of Information Technology

NSEI 6511 - Information Systems Project Management


PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Lincoln, NE United States

Doctor of Divinity, American Institute of Holistic Theology

MBA, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - Colorado Springs, CO United States

BS, Kearney State College (now University of Nebraska at Kearney) - Kearney, NE United States

Public Service

Center for Spiritual Living Grand Junction, Board of Directors - Grand Junction

Marketing Committee, Science of Mind Foundation, Committee Member

Awards / Honors

Outstanding Educator Award, Colorado Mesa University Associated Student Government, 2008

Distinguished Faculty Award, Colorado Mesa Universtiy, 2016

Iota Alpha Delta Innovation Education Best Paper Award , Midwest Decision Sciences Institute, 2005


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