Donal Hardin

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
B.S. Criminal Justice

Dr. Hardin has been teaching for 15 years and served 17 years in all three branches of the criminal justice system. This includes corrections and court services with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and policing with the Chula Vista Police Department. Dr. Hardin has conducted field training officer duties, administrative and supervisory responsibilities, and served as an employee representative. He holds an associate, bachelor, and master’s degree in criminal justice, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. Dr. Hardin has been a member of a variety of honor societies and maintains membership and certifications through multiple professional organizations, including ACJS, ILEETA and IACP. Dr. Hardin enjoys furthering collaborative relationships with community stakeholders and community outreach. Specializing in ethics for criminal justice professionals, Dr. Hardin has created and facilitated numerous criminal justice courses using various learning formats for various institutions, at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He has served as a part-time, adjunct, full-time, and tenured faculty member. Currently an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, he has also worked in Academic Affairs as a Campus College Chair.

Courses Taught

CRJS 2003 - Criminal Law

CRJS 5215 - Controversies in Criminal Justice


PhD, Walden University

MA, Chapman University

BS, University of Phoenix


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