Denise Uehara

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Uehara is part-time contributing faculty research methodologist in the Riley School of Education. Her expertise is in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. She serves in both program capacities (EdD and PhD) for capstone and dissertation studies. She has over 30 years of educational research experience in areas addressing indigenous and diverse populations and conducts ongoing research and analytics related to student and faculty outcomes within a Hawaiian culture-based framework

Denise is the Principal Researcher and Knowledge Mobilizer for the Hawaiʻi campus of the Kamehameha Schools, an independent school serving Native Hawaiian students. Her extensive experience in research and evaluation at the K-16 levels across the Pacific includes investigations of early literacy development and assessment in various Pacific languages, educator absenteeism, professional development in diverse contexts, teacher evaluation, adult health behavioral changes, middle school pregnancy and STI prevention curriculum, and retention and attrition of Pacific Islander students in higher education.


PhD, Capella University

Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate, University of Hawaii

MEd, University of Hawaii

BA, University of Hawa’i


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