Denise Land

Academic Coordinator
College of Management and Human Potential
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Dr. Denise Land has thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with students of higher education because the students bring so much work and life experience to the classroom. The environment of mutual sharing is much enjoyed. Dr. “D” as identified by her students has taught in a variety of fields since the 1970s. Academically, she has taught in the fields of social work, human services, management, leadership, business administration, and research methodology since 2003. Activities with Walden University include doc study mentorship and committee participation, plus URR activities, course subject-matter contributions, and faculty responsibilities for multiple strategic planning, leadership, and research methodology courses.

Professionally, experience includes both for-profit and nonprofit organization management, leadership, and administration, with professional training in the areas of organization development, leadership, human, and education services. Business and social work professional experience since the 1970s has evolved into volunteer activities includes bringing social change to families in our communities through, network building, resource, and care-giver supports. Volunteer activities include small business owner mentoring, community building network participation, in addition to making quilts for hospice patients.

Experience and responsibilities include fund development, budget/finance administration, community relations, multi-agency collaboration and integration strategies, organization development, and family support program technical assistance. Collaborative activities include working closely with regional social services and community based organizations to re-enforce, sustain, and improve policy implementation and cross-system efforts at the family service level. Consulting work since the 1990s includes coordination, collaboration, and networking areas with community and school-based integrated service sites and have facilitated public-private collaborative efforts to bring family-centered services to families and communities with an emphasis on designing neighborhood systems with strong resident involvement, self-advocacy and empowerment practices to prevention child abuse and neglect. Dr. D. also provides volunteer mentoring and consultation to small business enterprises and doctoral students working through their dissertation process.

Professionally, project management experience includes working both with multiple school districts and a large nonprofit organization, along with several additional multi-organization project consortiums. For instance, professional experience includes concept and project formulation for multi-million dollar multiple organization service development, that included the strategic assessment, analysis, project formulation and projection, along with implement and risk assessment. Following project implement, project outcome assessment continued with regular evaluation of project indicator achievement and outcomes. In most cases, Dr. D was either the project leader or a significant member of the leadership team. Project management activities included: project lifecycle management, scope definition, impact assessment and management, outsourcing, contracting, and process prioritization.

Dr. D has a Masters of Social Work, a Bachelors of Science in Gerontology, and a Doctorate of Management.

Courses Taught

DDBA 8006 - Contemporary Challenges in Business

DDBA 8100/1 - Doctoral Study Mentoring

DDBA 8151 - Organization Leadership Doc Theory Practice

DDBA 8160/1 - Business Strategy and Innovation

DDBA 8427 - Applied Rsch Method Qual & Quant

DDBA 8991 - Qual. & Case Rsch Business Analysis

DDBA 9000/1 - Doctoral Study Completion

RECU/RESI 8301/2 - Residency


Doctor of Management, University of Phoenix

MSW, CSU-Sacramento

BS, CSU-Sacramento

Public Service

PENW - Performance Excellence NorthWest, Other - Puyallup

Consulting Capstone Alumni Network (CCAN), Other -

Awards / Honors

2023 NLN/Walden Leadership Academy, National League of Nurses and Walden University, 2023

Rita Turner Award, Walden University, 2023

Rita Turner Award, Walden University, 2023

Rita Turner Award, Walden University, 2022

Essential Faculty, University of Phoenix, 2008

Golden Key National Honor Society, California State University, Sacramento, 1995

Phi Alpha Honor Society, California State University, Sacramento, 1993


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