Debra Wilson

Core Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Health
Barbara Solomon School of Social Work
Ph.D. Social Work

Dr. Wilson completed her undergrad in Social Work at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA, her Master’s degree in Social Work at Marywood University, in Scranton, PA and with a scholarship, completed her Ph.D. abroad to the United Kingdom through the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland. She remained in Northern Ireland for 12 years working in international research, institutional education and in on the ground social work in hospitals and communities as part of social rebuilding following years of internal political and religious unrest termed "the Troubles". She enjoys teaching, policy and research in the field of social work. She has great interest in clinical work, social advocacy, policy and international aspects of social work.

She has taught in the field of Social Work in the United Kingdom and within public and private Universities in the USA. She currently enjoys teaching through the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Barbara Solomon School of Social Work in the Doctoral Program. She has a comprehensive history of research and speaking internationally on topics of outcomes in health care research, drug and alcohol treatment, trauma and associated topics, as well as healthcare and policy surrounding these topics. Dr. Wilson currently resides in the Northeastern United States with current interests in social work education and addictions research.


PhD, Queens University of Belfast

MSW, Marywood University

BA, Cedar Crest College