Dr. Word Word

Contributing Faculty
College of Social and Behavioral Health
Barbara Solomon School of Social Work
Master of Social Work (MSW)

Deborah L. Word, PhD, MSW, LCSW, has served as Contributing Faculty member at Walden University since 2014. She lives in Jefferson City, MO and has over 25years of teaching experience. She began teaching at University of Missouri-Columbia in 1996 and taught there until 2008. In 2008, she took a faculty position at Lincoln University and helped develop the now accredited BSW program. She has over 30 years of practice/management experience in the human services and child welfare. Her primary area of research is related to poverty, homelessness and child welfare. She has worked on service delivery teams and has developed relationships with a network of human service professionals and agencies to develop frameworks that promote positive and effective procedures for service delivery. As an academic, she has been actively involved in professional social work education and field work practice allowing her to prepare social work students for human service delivery. She has wide professional experience in designing educational curriculum related to interaction skills, social welfare, policy and clinical practice. She is actively involved in service in that she is on the board of the Children’s Services Federal Review Team, and serves as Chair for the board of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Shelter.

Courses Taught

SocW 6351 - Soc Policy Welfare and Change

SocW 6361 - Soc Policy Analysis and Advocacy

SocW 6070 - Supervision, Leadership, and Administration in Social Work

SocW 6111 - Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice I

SocW 6121 - Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice II

SocW 6051 - Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice

SocW 6060 - Social Work Theory and Practice

SocW 6200 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

SocW 6090 - Psychopathology and Diagnosis for Social Work Practice

SWLB 0651 - Social Work Lab I

SocW 6500 - Social Work Field Education I

SocW 6510 - Social Work Field Education II

SocW 6002 - Changing Lives, Changing Society: Introduction to Social Work

SocW 6101 - Essential Skills for Social Work Practice


PhD, University of Missouri- Columbia

MSW, University of Missouri-Columbia

Public Service

Children's Services Federal Review Board, Board Member - Missouri

Rape and Abuse Crisis Shelter, Board Member - Missouri

Empower Missouri, Member - Missouri


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Word, D. L. (2016). What Really Works When It Comes to De-Escalating Anxious, Hostile, and Challenging Behavior? . Missouri Public Defenders

Word, D. L. (2015). Developing Leadership Skills that Inspire. Lincoln University