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Davidson Pierre (Contributing Faculty). He is originally from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He had all his high school and some of his college education from Haiti. He started his teaching career in Haiti during the month of January 1996. His job was to teach Mathematics for Audubon School (a high school in Port-Au-Prince). He has been living in Florida since 1999. He has been teaching Mathematics for a local College as a full-time professor since 2004. He started to teach online in 2007 and he loves it. A proud member of the Walden family since 2009. He embraces teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower. As a teacher, it is his goal to enhance student learning as a transformative experience. H enjoys teaching the calculus series.
He is a member of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year College (AMATYC). Also, a lifetime member of the Florida Two-Year College Association (FTYCMA).
He is the founder of the Davidson’s project. The goal of the project is to provide education to those who would not have had the privilege to earn a high school diploma in Haiti.
He is married. His wife's name is Manoucheka. He has two sons and two daughters. His first son was born in January of 2005; his second son was born in October 2010; and twin daughters were born in 2013. When he is not teaching, he enjoys spending time at the local YMCA with his children and wife.

Courses Taught

MATH 1040 - College Algebra Concepts

Public Service

First Church of the Nazarene, Volunteer - BRADENTON

The Davidson Haiti Foundation, Board of Directors - Hinche