David Segal

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Ph.D. Public Health

I have a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of South Florida College of Medicine in May 1992 followed by two post-doctoral research fellowships in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami School of Medicine. My research interests include the clinical, molecular, and epidemiological aspects of infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, and the impact of drugs of abuse and co-morbidities. I have considerable expertise in research design, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, statistical analyses, epidemiology, geospatial mapping, and virtual simulation modeling technologies. I have taught health sciences, medical informatics, and research methods courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels for over 15 years. I have published and presented numerous peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters.

I also serve as an Health IT and Data Analytics bioinformaticist with custom EHR application development, systems integration, and continuous quality improvement using intelligent decision support and surveillance software as well as mobile applications for meaningful use of electronic medical records.

I have been teaching with Walden University since 2010 in the MS Nursing Informatics, MS Health Informatics, PhD Health Services, and PhD Public Health programs. I am also the chair, member, and URR on doctoral dissertation committees at Walden University and regularly attend the Doctoral Academic Residencies as a faculty presenter and advisor.

Courses Taught

HINF 6100 - Introduction to Health Informatics

Awards / Honors

¥ Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and, 19th International Conference on College Teaching & Learning, 2008


Segal, D. M. (2015). Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Surveillance and Disease Severity.


Segal, D. M. (1995). Quantitation of dopamine transporter proteins in cocaine fatalities using immunological approaches. Society for Neuroscience