Danny Ebb

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Dr. Ebb is currently a contributing faculty member for the Master of Business Administration program within the School of Management, College of Management and Technology. Dr. Ebb possesses over 28 years of experience in finance, business management, and ethics and compliance (international and domestic). His focus has been on assisting organizations in meeting their strategic, financial and operational objectives. His Doctoral program research focused on change management, management theory and practice, strategy formulation and execution, and operational planning. He conducted significant research on the relationships between ethical behavior, trust, and organizational culture. Dr. Ebb has led the day-to-day administration of an Ethics and Business Conduct Program that supported 14,000 employees. He has also served as an expatriate in the United Kingdom on a start-up program which required an understanding of cultural differences with regard to ethics and business conduct.

Courses Taught

WMBA 6040 - Improving Business Performance


Doctor of Management, University of Maryland University College

MBA, Loyola College in Maryland

BS, Hampton University

Public Service

W. Cecil Short and John Lancaster Foundation, Volunteer - Waldorf

Everybody Wins, Volunteer - Arlington

Charles County Teen Court, Judge - Waldorf


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Ebb, D. (2012). Balancing research and development (R&D) expenses with customer innovation demands..