Crissie Jameson

Contributing Faculty
Crissie Jameson
College of Psychology and Community Services
Ph.D. Human Services

Dr. Crissie M. Jameson
Higher Education, Research, and Accreditation Expert
Dr. Crissie M. Jameson has worked in higher education for over 10 years. Dr. Jameson is a former K-12 teacher, teaching all grade levels from preschool to high school and is now a full time faculty member at a large, online institution. Dr. Jameson has worked in institutional research, strategic planning and accreditation in higher education for over nine years and was a founding Director of the Institutional Assessment office at a small, private university. As the Director, she was the only institutional research employee and conducted all research and assessment responsibilities for the institution. As an Association for Institutional Research/National Center for Educational Statistics postdoctoral fellow in 2009, she conducted a study concerning features of campus data systems and reporting to IPEDS. Dr. Jameson most recently served as the Director of Academic Quality at a large, online institution.
Dr. Jameson has been a part of accreditation re-affirmation committees for several universities including accreditation for WASC (Western Associate of Schools and Colleges), SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and HLC (Higher Learning Commission). She has lead and developed academic and co-curricular review processes for universities. Dr. Jameson has also lead satisfaction surveys and programmatic specialized accreditations at the university level.
Dr. Jameson received her PhD from Florida State University in 2008 in Educational Psychology with minors in Statistics and Program Evaluation. Dr. Jameson has taught in higher education for over 10 years at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has been a part of numerous research projects both with a group and on her own in all research method types (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and presented at numerous national conferences. She has taught research methods, and quantitative analysis and has served on dissertation committees. She also currently serves on an international university Institutional Review Board committee.

Courses Taught

EDUC 8090 - Doctoral Study Intensive


PhD, Florida State University

MA, University of Texas at Dallas

BS, University of North Texas


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