Christine Frazer

Senior Core Faculty
College of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Dr. Christine Frazer is a Certified Nurse Educator with more than 33 years of nursing experience in various areas (Neonatal ICU, Pediatrics, Post-Partum, Cardiac Critical Care, Orthopedics, and Gerontology) and 18 years of experience in academia. Dr. Frazer joined Walden University’s School of Nursing faculty in 2008. In 2017, Dr. Frazer was promoted to Senior Core Faculty role. Within this role, Dr. Frazer continues to teach MSN core courses, serves as a mentor for new faculty members, lead faculty for contributing faculty members, editor for the SON newsletter, SONews, and as a member of the Petition Committee. Additionally, Dr. Frazer is a Committee Member and Utilization Research Reviewer for Walden’s PhD and Doctorate of Nursing Practice students and has instructed students at doctoral residencies. In 2014, Dr. Frazer was awarded Walden’s Faculty Excellence Award, an award that exemplifies excellence in not only the university’s core values, integrity, and student-centeredness, but one that also demonstrates a faculty member’s commitment and dedication to serving Walden, the School of Nursing, students, faculty, their profession, and the community. Prior to joining Walden University, Dr Frazer was the coordinator of the graduate Clinical Nurse Specialist program at Pennsylvania State University. As coordinator, Dr. Frazer was responsible for curriculum development, recruitment, placement, advising, and instruction of graduate Clinical Nurse Specialist students. Throughout Dr. Frazer’s professional career, she has conducted research on student learning, teaching effectiveness, older adults, caregiving, and online learning. She has published her research in several peer-reviewed journals and frequently presents her research and specialization topics at national, state, and regional conferences.

Awards / Honors

Dean's Award for Leadership in Nursing and Academia, , 2001

Sigma Theta Tau inductee, , 2000

Who's Who North American Collegiate Faculty, , 2009

Faculty Excellence Award, Walden University, 2014


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