Charles Diebold

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

I have been with Walden University since 2005, transitioning in early 2022 from fulltime to part-time faculty. In my time at Walden, I have served as chair, member, or university research reviewer (URR) for over 135 students who completed their dissertation.

I have quite an eclectic background: I dropped out of college my freshman year, enlisted for 6 years in the Air Force, worked 15 years in the construction industry, then returned to college to pursue a degree in civil engineering only to inadvertently discover the behavioral and social sciences. I switched my major, earned a bachelor’s in psychology at 40-something, then a doctorate in community psychology. In another life (past or future-past, as the space-time continuum might allow), I was probably (or likely will be) a philosopher—fair warning, should you ever get me started on some weighty, enigmatic subject, which I can go off on even while fixing the plumbing.

My interests include: Community Psychology; Quantitative and qualitative research design, methods and analysis; Statistics, especially multivariate procedures; Psychometric and sociometric scale development and validation; Program planning, implementation and evaluation; Non-profit organizational capacity building; Primary prevention; Positive, strengths-focused and competency-oriented interventions; Educational, organizational, social policy and system-level change and diffusion of innovation; Academic service learning; Citizen participation, community involvement and sense of community; Empowerment; Child and youth development.

T-shirts I might be seen wearing:
Obey Gravity, it's the Law. 5 out of 4 People Don't Understand Fractions. I Can Fix Anything—W here's the Duct Tape? What is the Speed of Dark? What if the Hokey Pokey Is Really What It's All About? Doesn't Expecting the Unexpected Make the Unexpected the Expected?