Charity Adams

College of Management and Human Potential
B.S. Business Administration (BSBA)

Dr. Charity T. Adams joined Walden in 2005 to help school districts with their professional development needs. She has worked in higher education for 18 years, serving in several distinct roles, including business development regional director, student affairs manager, doctoral mentor, and adjunct faculty member in public, private, and community-based adult education programs.

She earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Georgia State University, a Master's and Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University, as well as obtained graduate certificates in Applied Project Management and College Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Adams has delivered numerous presentations and workshops on student recruitment, business sustainability, the benefits of joining student organizations, student engagement and retention, and strategic business planning. She created Walden's Readers for Good (RFG) Book Club and helped lead the creation of student organizations like the Divine Nine Alliance (DNA).


DBA, Walden University

Post-master's Certificate, Walden University

Post-master's Certificate, Walden University

MBA, Walden University

BA, Georgia State University