Chanadra Young

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
B.S. Health Studies

Dr. Young has worked for a major public school system for over 10+ years at all levels of education. Dr. Young is a certified educator for the U.S. Department of Education. She has expertise as an educator in the following areas; Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Elementary Education, and Middle Grades Intergraded Curriculum that entails math, science, health, physical education, social studies, and language arts. Dr. Young is also a certified health Educator (CHES).
Before becoming an educator, Dr. Young worked as a medical technologist for a healthcare system. Dr. Young has expertise in teaching Public Health Education, Curriculum Development, Health Promotion, and prevention and Wellness. Dr. Young has served as a subject matter expert for the PUBH 1000: Foundations of Public Health.