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Cathy Harner

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Health

Barbara Solomon School of Social Work

Degree Program Master of Social Work (MSW)

Dr. Cathy Harner currently resides in Marion, Indiana. She has earned a PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and a Master of Social Work from Indiana University. Her specialization at Walden is generalist practice skills at the micro level. She is passionate about creating an equitable environment for all people and fighting oppression related to at-risk population groups. Her research interests have been in attitude change toward people groups who are at-risk of discrimination related to issues other than race or ethnicity as well as the gatekeeping process in BSW programs.

Courses Taught

SOCW 6101 - Essential Skills of Social Work Practice


PhD, University of Illinois - Urbana, IL United States

MSW, Indiana University School of Social Work - Indianapolis, IN United States

BS, Philadelphia College of Bible - Philadephia, PA United States

Awards / Honors

Teaching Excellence and Community Leadership Award, 1999


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