Brandon Simmons

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Born in rural Sampson County, North Carolina to loving, hard-working, Christian parents, Dr. Simmons spent his childhood playing sports and spending time with family and friends. In 1997, his parents saved for an entire year to purchase his sister and him their first computer. The excitement of that Christmas morning has never left Dr. Simmons and the confidence that he returned to school with after the Christmas break drives him to ensure every child has equitable access to technology in their earlier years. Digital Literacy, just like reading literacy, is not a is a right for every child.

It is his belief that the future of education, as well as our nation, will be fueled by technology and innovation. We are currently preparing our students for some careers, which have not been created yet. Twenty years ago the internet was barely available to corporations, wireless technology was only a hope for the future, and cell phones were large systems, in bags, inside a person’s car (Lei, Conway, & Zhao, 2007). Only the imaginations of gifted innovators can predict what future careers and technology advances are in store future generations, but as educators must begin, now, preparing future generations for these future needs by providing them with the technological literacy required to understand future innovations and technological needs.

As of March 2018, Dr. Simmons has completed over 260 graduate hours in education, business, and technology that has resulted in three master’s degrees in education, a MBA in Organizational Leadership and Management, a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Instructional Technology, and a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership and Management. Dr. Simmons is currently pursuing a Master of Studies in Law (MSL) focusing on Business Law and Compliance as well as a graduate certificate in Human Resource Law from Wake Forest University School of Law.

Dr. Simmons currently lives in Clinton, North Carolina with his wife, Stacy; their son Bryce, their daughter Evelyn Grace and his best friend, Hank (his Olde English Bulldogge).


PhD, North Carolina State University

EdD, University of North Carolina at Wilmington