Brandon Cosley

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

Brandon Cosley received his PhD in 2011 from the University of Maine in Research Psychology. His areas of emphasis included social, biological, and quantitative psychology. His primary area of research was related to stereotyping, stress, artificial intelligence, and community empowerment. Brandon currently serves as manager of the data science center of excellence in the healthcare industry.

Brandon has received awards for his work in both data science and psychology and given invited talks all over the world.

Courses Taught

PSYC 8247 - Social Psychology


PhD, University of Maine

MA, University of Maine

BA, San Francisco State University

Awards / Honors

Pinnacle, BlueCross BlueShield, 2017


Cosley, B. J., McCoy, S., Saslow, L., Epel, E. (2010). Is compassion for others stress buffering? Consequences of compassion and social support for physiological reactivity to stress. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Cosley, B. J., McCoy, S. K., Gardner, S. K. (2017). Collaborative voice: Examining the role of voice in interdisciplinary collaboration. International Journal of Organization Theory \& Behavior

Carlucci, J. G., Farooq, S. A., Sizemore, L., Rickles, M., Cosley, B. J., McCormack, L., Wester, C. (2017). Low hepatitis C antibody screening rates among an insured population of Tennessean Baby Boomers. Plos one


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