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Susie Whitworth

Academic Coordinator

College of Nursing

Degree Program Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Dr. Bobbie Sue Whitworth currently serves as the Core Academic Program Coordinator for the MSN program at Walden University. Prior to her role at Walden University, Dr. Whitworth served as Director of Education for a web-based organization, a subject matter expert for the development of nursing curriculum, and a Nurse Administrator for a large home care organization.

Courses Taught

NURS 6001 - Foundations for Graduate Study

NURS 6050 - Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health

NURS 6052 - Essentials of Evidence Based Practice


PhD, Capella


Frazer, C., Hussey, L. C., Whitworth, B. (2017). In the Midst of Zika: The Role of Childbirth Professionals. International Journal of Childbirth Education.

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