Binh Ngo

College of Health Sciences and Public Policy

With over 15 years of dedicated service in higher education across various roles, Dr. Binh Ngo embarked on their academic journey at the University of Phoenix, earning both a BS in Business and an MA in Education. Subsequently, their pursuit of knowledge led them to Walden University, where they achieved an MS and PhD in I/O Psychology.

Throughout their professional odyssey, Dr. Ngo has consistently strived to revolutionize the student experience through a collaborative and student-centric approach. Their unwavering commitment lies in nurturing educational objectives that resonate with individuals' unique interests, values, and abilities.

For eight years, Dr. Ngo has been a guiding light for doctoral candidates, providing mentorship that ensures a seamless educational journey. This encompasses assisting in the selection of dissertation topics, assessing their relevance and academic significance, and offering essential guidance for a smooth transition from student to scholar or practitioner.

Furthermore, their international teaching experience has enriched their pedagogical repertoire. Leveraging diverse learning modalities and supplementary resources, Dr. Ngo has been able to enhance the learning process and deliver impactful presentations tailored to the unique needs of their students.

Since 2023, Dr. Ngo has proudly served as a core faculty member at Walden University, continuing their mission to inspire and empower the next generation of learners.

Courses Taught

IPSY 8706 - Ethics and Standards of I/O Psychology


PhD, Walden University

MS, Walden University

MA, University of Phoenix

BS, University of Phoenix