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Benton Johnson

Core Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Counseling

Degree Program M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Benton Johnson II is a Walden University Core Faculty FT. He is an international/national presenter who has performed keynotes, workshops & training about mental wellness and development in places such as Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, and Greece as well as in many places throughout the United States. Dr. Johnson has provided counseling to children, couples, families, individuals and groups since 2003. He has been teaching since 2006 in a variety of educational institutions using various technological modalities.

Dr. Johnson has provided community services as the chair of the board of Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Rock Island, IL and board member of The 2nd Genesis Foundation, Chicago, IL and was the Vice-President of the Adler University Chapter of the Association of American University Professors. He has served as the President of the Illinois Association for Assessment & Research in Counseling.

He received a PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA; a MS Ed. in Community Counseling at Western Illinois University, Quad Cities Campus; a BA in Pre-Medicine at Augustana College, Rock Island; and was graduated from United Township High School, East Moline, IL in the World Studies Program for the Gifted.


PhD, Regent University - Virginia Beach, VA United States

Public Service

Diversity in Leadership Task Force , Chair - Dekalb, IL United States

Illinois Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling, Board Member - DeKalb, IL United States

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Board Member - Rock Island, IL United States

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Chair - Rock Island, IL United States

Awards / Honors

2017 Illinois Counseling Association Social Justice Award , The Illinois Counseling Association, 2017

Adler University Star, Adler University, 2017


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