Beate Baltes

Senior Core Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

Beate Baltes brings over 20 years of experience in higher education teaching, service, and scholarship as well as 12 years of experience in various academic leadership roles including Department Chair, Associate Director for Faculty Excellence, and Program Director of the EdD Teacher Leadership program. Currently she is serving as a University Research Reviewer in the School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy. In addition, Dr. Beate has an outstanding record in teaching and mentoring, service, and scholarship and received the Outstanding Faculty Award in 2013. Dr. Baltes’ current research interests focus primarily on eLearning and virtual communities of practice. Dr. Baltes frequently presents at national and international conferences and has published in peer-reviewed journals.


EdD, United States International University

Diploma, University of Munich

Public Service

German-American School Association, Volunteer - Los Angeles

Awards / Honors

Outstanding Dissertation Award, United States International University, 1996


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