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Barrett Mincey Sr.

Senior Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Public Policy and Administration

Degree ProgramMaster of Public Administration (MPA)

Dr. Mincey is an award winning educator with 17years of teaching experience.

He is a skilled educator well positioned for teaching at the post-secondary level. Of the 17 years of teaching, eight of these years are at the college level in on-campus and online formats.

Dr. Mincey utilizes his experience to identify ways in which students can learn and discuss material in their courses efficiently and creatively.

Furthermore, Dr. Mincey has an extensive background in business management, finance, educational leadership and psychology that he brings to the classroom as well.

He is adept at using a multitude of learning management platforms Including:

I. Brightspace

II. Blackboard 9

III. e-College


V. e-2020

VI. Edusoft Technology

VII. Skills Tutor

VIII. Deltek/Engage

IX. Loud Cloud

X. Sakai

Overall, Dr. Mincey models professionalism as a teacher by being respectful to his students and colleagues, by focusing on matters that strictly involve educating students, and by upholding high standards as a model for others to emulate. It is his belief that in order to further the teaching profession, it is important that we focus a considerable amount of time improving the quality of instruction for undergraduate and graduate students as we help them apply new knowledge to their areas of expertise. Dr. Mincey brings this philosophy to education as an educator and scholar. He enjoys sharing ideas with other faculty members and learning from his colleagues as well.

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