Andy Alexson

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Alexson was raised in upstate New York and has lived around the US (Idaho, Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, and now Chattanooga, TN). He has earned multiple graduate degrees in Forestry, Pastoral Leadership, and Educational Leadership.

Dr. Alexson has been involved with research since 1980 with subjects ranging from best practices in forestry to tracking moose with radio collars to successful principal leadership in urban schools. He recently transitioned from four years of directing a Ph.D. in Leadership program focusing on the dual stances of transformational and servant leadership.

He spends a great deal of time helping doctoral students with their dissertation research (problem statement, conceptual framework, research questions, methodology, and presentation/discussion of results). Some might find it strange, but he actually LOVES it!

His role at Walden involves dissertation committees and teaching research & writing classes.

One of his passions is guiding educational leaders. He is a lifelong learner and am continuing to delve deep into qualitative research and new paradigms for digital natives and others entering the 21st Century.


EdD, Liberty University

Education Specialist (EdS), Liberty University

M.Div., Columbia International University

MS, University of Maine

BS, University of Idaho

AAS, Paul Smith's College