Andi Goldstein

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College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
M.S. Forensic Psychology

Hello! My name is Dr. Andrea Goldstein and here is my autobiography: I entered college as a psychology major with the intent to go to law school. I applied to law school, got accepted to law school, and did not go to law school. I decided to take a graduate psychology class the summer before law school would start. I had a professor who became my mentor. Psychology became my intended profession as well as my passion. I am a forensic psychologist as well as a traditional college professor. I specialize in diagnostic assessment. I hope that we can discuss what that means during this course. I am considered an expert witness and have testified in numerous court cases. I truly enjoy teaching, and I hope to make this a positive experience for everyone. As part of your plan for success, I want to stress the importance of the following: timely participation in the discussions. The discussions are weighted heavily in your cumulative grade and need to be completed during the current weeks lesson. Use of APA style writing. By correctly using APA style citations, you will avoid the issue of plagiarism. Good luck to each of you! Dr. Goldstein

Courses Taught

FPSY 8201 - Psychological Aspects of Violent Crime

FPSY 8135 - Criminal Behavior

FPSY 6102 - Intersection of Crime, Psychology, and the Law

FPSY 6002 - Foundations of Graduate Studies in Psychology


PsyD, Albizu University

MS, Albizu University

MS, Albizu University