Amber Donnelli

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Dr. Amber Donnelli, makes her home in Elko, Nevada. Dr. Donnelli, Professor of Nursing, is a graduate of Great Basin College (A.A.S., in Nursing), University of Phoenix (B.S., in Nursing), University of Phoenix (M.S., in Nursing Education), and University of Nevada Las Vegas (Ph.D., Nursing Education and Curriculum). Dr. Donnelli is currently the Dean of Health Science and Human Services at Great Basin College. Her areas of expertise are critical care, nursing leadership and management, curriculum development and evaluation, nursing education theory and concepts, and research tool development. Dr. Donnelli, is an active researcher, and current research interest include Self-Regulated learning strategies to improve critical and reflective thinking, Inquiry Based learning incorporated in theory and clinical practice, and concept based approaches to learning. As a tenured Professor she has been the department chair of a Health Science and Human Service department and is currently the Dean, of Health Science and Human Services for Great Basin College. These positions reflect her knowledge and ability in leadership and management roles. Her educational background supports teaching nursing education courses and her research support current practices in theory and clinical areas. Through her research she has developed a sound understanding of statistical data in quantitative studies. Dr. Donnelli's professional nursing history supports a rich background in critical care, maternal care, and nursing in rural communities.

Courses Taught

NURS 6053 - Interprofessional Leadership & System Leadership

NURS 6231 - Health Care Systems & Quality Outcomes

NURS 6001 - Foundation for Graduate Studies

NURS 6050 - Policy and Advocacy for Population Health

NURS 6052 - Essentials of Evidence Based Practice

NURS 6110 - The Nurse Leader: New Perspectives on Professionalism

NURS 6125 - Integrating Research for Evidence Based Practice

NURS 6220 - Human Resources Management


AS, Great Basin College

BS, University of Phoenix

MS, University of Phoenix

PhD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Awards / Honors

Nursing Leader Under 40 recognition by Nevada State Board of Nursing , Nevada State Board of Nursing, 2016

¥ Nursing Fellowship Nursing Education PhD program, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2009

Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2008

Winnemucca Campus Outstanding Alumni , Great Basin College, 2017


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