Alicia Elam

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Ph.D. Education

Dr. Alicia Elam, PharmD has been teaching for Walden University for 9 years. She is a licensed pharmacist in practice for over 28 years with 13 years of teaching experience in the field of pharmacology overall.

Her area of formal teaching/field of study includes Advanced Pharmacology and Psychopharmacologic Approaches to Treatment of Psychopathology and she is a Senior Contributing Faculty member in the College of Nursing.

Dr. Elam’s primary area of research interests include discovering and developing innovative approaches to delivering pharmacological content. Her teaching philosophy involves encouraging active learners and stimulating student interest allowing practical application of new knowledge. Stimulating student interest can be challenging since pharmacology courses are often “dreaded” by many students. Dr. Elam welcomes this challenge, as it is her ultimate goal to spark an interest in students to desire learning pharmacology and to gain foundational understanding of the subject, rather than just rote memorization. Student interest and practical application are kindred concepts. Students want to apply lessons to “real life” and practical application fosters student interest by providing real and relatable content as the backdrop of the learning process. Dr. Elam’s goal is to deliver all content in a real and relatable format to foster the student’s understanding and ensure their academic success.

In her role as a professional member of academia, Dr. Elam strives for the highest level of scholarship in all endeavors. Some of her accomplishments in scholarship include publications in peer-reviewed journals in collaboration with graduate students, presentations at 2 national conferences, development of pharmacotherapeutics curriculum, attendance at several national conferences involving scholarship and evidenced-based teaching methods and development of curriculum for professionalism and teaching practicum courses.

Courses Taught

NURS 6521 - Advanced Pharmacology


PhD, Mercer University

BS, Bennett College