Alice Jackson

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership
B.S. Educational Studies

Dr. Alice Jackson's formal training includes Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, School Leadership, Educational Leadership and, Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Jackson served in various roles over her 45-year career. Dr. Jackson taught grades from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth since 1976; teaching diverse students in Chicago Public Schools. She moved on to higher education positions related to Early Childhood Education, School Leadership and, Curriculum and Instruction since 2007. Dr. Jackson teaches in Walden University's College of Education and Leadership in their Riley College Bachelor of Science Elementary Education Program. She coaches and trains urban parents in literacy activities to enjoy with their children. Dr. Jackson also, volunteers in donating foods and clothing to immigrants.

Courses Taught

EDUC 3050 - Child Development, Motivation and Learnng

EDUC 3053 - Community Building for Classroom Management


BS, DePaul University

EdD, Concordia University Chicago

MA, Concordia University Chicago

MA, NorthPark University

Public Service

Reaching Out To a Forgotten Community, Volunteer - Chicago


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