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We Believe Educators Are the Foundation of a Good Education

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Celebrating Our Remarkable Educators

The past year has highlighted the importance of passionate educators, but we know teachers have always been essential to the students and communities they serve. During Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3–7 , we are proud to thank teachers across the country for the dedication, creativity, and leadership they bring to the classroom every day, both physical and virtual.

Here's how Walden University is celebrating and supporting educators who are called to make positive social change, create equitable opportunities for their students, and cultivate a love of learning, now and in the future.

Our Communities Need What Teachers Can Achieve

Stand Alongside Well-Regarded Educators

We are proud to have the opportunity to learn from—and collaborate with—more than 65,000 education students and alumni, including more than 180 state teachers of the year. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we invite you to expand your knowledge and explore “Teachable Moments” from our vibrant communities of educators.

Teacher Enthusiasm That Spans Generations

Inspired by her elementary school teacher, Monica Washington shares how her childhood mentor showed her she can do anything. As a teacher, her mission is to make every student feel that they are the most important person in her life.

A Commitment to Teaching Makes a Valuable Impact

As a college senior, Derek Olson found his calling—to work with children as an educator. Discover how his passion for education has fueled a 26-year career as an educator. His dissertation provided him opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students outside of his classroom.

Perfect Clarity: How To Balance Work, Family, and Pursuing Your Degree

Watch Minnesota State Teacher of the Year Megan Hall and learn how continuing her education online allowed her to contribute more as an educator and make progress inside and outside of the classroom.

The Key to Social Change Within Schools

Recognizing the inequities in education, teacher Megan Hall dives into details of social inequity. Learn how she is helping students overcome limitations and understand their needs and aspirations, so all students will have unique opportunities.