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Interacting in an Online Environment

Online education makes connecting with professors and fellow students easy.

If you’ve only experienced traditional classroom education, you might think that is the only way to connect with others in an educational setting. But thanks to modern technology, online education can now offer an equally engaging—and often more engaging—learning experience.

How Does Online Learning Work?

When you compare colleges that use a campus-based setting with colleges that use an online learning setting, you’ll find plenty of similarities. For instance, both styles of learning allow you to earn a wide number of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Plus, any good accredited university, whether campus-based or online-based, can prepare you to start or advance your career. However, a college comparison will also reveal several key differences between the two styles of learning. These include:

Interacting in an Online Environment

Online Learning Offers More Convenience in Where You Learn

To earn a degree online, you don’t have to drive to—or even live close to —a campus. Instead, you can earn a degree from wherever you have internet access. If you live in an area with few colleges or universities, travel a lot, or simply want to expand your college search, online universities can make an excellent addition to your list of colleges to consider.

Online Learning Offers More Flexibility

When you enroll in degree programs at campus-based universities, you will be expected to attend classes at a specified time of day, on specified days of the week. This requires you to arrange your job, family, or other responsibilities around your coursework. Online degree programs, however, let you schedule your learning around your responsibilities. That’s because, online learning gives you the flexibility to attend classes and complete coursework at the time of day that works best for you.

Earn the Skills You Need in Less Time

If you’re looking to enhance your set of skills, online graduate certificates are a great way to gain the knowledge you need in a shorter amount of time than standard degree programs. In some instances, the graduate certificate courses you take can be applied to a future degree program, should you decide to continue your education.

How Do You Interact at Online Colleges and Universities?

All good colleges promote discussion, but the ways that discussions happen at a campus-based university versus an online university is quite different. Rather than gathering students in a physical classroom, the best accredited online colleges give students access to an online forum specific to each course. Many students find that engaging in discussions in online forums is preferable to traditional classroom discussions because:

Online Interaction Is Global

Online universities enroll students who live all over the world, which means classes are often filled with diverse students and global perspectives. This can add a level of insight not typically available at campus-based programs and can lead to unique, inspiring collaborations between people of different nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions, and ages.

Online Interaction Gives You Time to Think

Have you ever come up with the perfect addition to a classroom discussion after the class is over? Online learning helps solve that problem because discussions typically take place over the course of days, not minutes. In such an environment, everyone has ample opportunity to express themselves and respond to the observations, theories, and questions of others in the class. By giving more people the opportunity to interact, online learning can create more vibrant and valuable learning experiences.

Online Interaction Can Help You Build Better Connections With Faculty

At the top online colleges and universities, faculty members are engaged in classroom discussions from the beginning to the end. You can directly ask your professor questions about the topic and they can respond to your comments directly. Online interaction creates a natural back-and-forth that promotes more one-on-one interaction with faculty members than you might find in a campus-based classroom.

Online Interaction Can Build Community

The thought-provoking discussions that online learning environments encourage you get to know your fellow students better than you might in a traditional classroom. This, in turn, can help build strong communities inside and outside your specific online degree program.

Where Can You Earn Your Degree Online?

If you’re seeking an accredited university offering online learning at its best, you should take a look at Walden University. This exceptional institution embraces a mission of social change and offers students from around the world the opportunity to earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees online. Walden’s advanced global learning platform is designed to give you all the tools you need to interact fully with classmates and faculty. It’s one of the finest examples of what online education can be.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs online. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

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