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Lifelong learning in Houston: Meet Desmond Pittman

Hear from a current student and graduate on his lifelong learning journey at Walden University.

There’s always something new to learn, and continuing your education online makes acquiring new knowledge and skills more possible than ever. Whether you want to advance in your career or excel in your current role, lifelong learning can help you achieve your goals. Walden University is proud to call Desmond Pittman one of its own. Pittman, who is now earning his third degree from the university, is the epitome of lifelong learning. In 2012, Pittman earned his MS in Education (MSEd) degree, followed by an Education Specialist (EdS) degree in 2015. Currently, he is enrolled in Walden’s Doctor of Education (EdD) degree program. We sat down with Pittman to learn more about his experience.

Desmond Pittman

WALDEN: What has your experience as a lifelong learner at Walden been like?
PITTMAN: My experience with Walden has been life-changing. It has been a pleasure completing two graduate programs through an educational plan that at times felt like it was written individually for me. The workload and sequences were never too much. Plus, when what you’re learning about is what you’re passionate about, it becomes fun. My love for Walden University runs deep.

WALDEN: What was your experience like working with Walden faculty?
PITTMAN: All of my instructors were so understanding and compassionate, and I’d like to specify my absolute favorite: Dr. Gloria Kumagai. She is one of the best humans I’ve ever met in my life. The spirit of dedication she has when serving her students is something that provokes a feeling deep inside me. For years, her guidance made me feel as though she was more than an instructor, but a guardian. Meeting and spending time with her at two of my academic residencies still brings a smile to my face. Walden is fortunate to have her.

WALDEN: How has your experience at Walden impacted the work you do in the Houston community?
PITTMAN: I stand with Walden University’s mission and vision through the work that I do in Houston. Together, we’ve tackled literacy development in low socioeconomic communities for a decade. For nearly the past five years, Pittman Sports Association—a youth sports league—has partnered with Dominion Preparatory School & Child Development Center in the historic Houston neighborhood of Acres Homes. As program coordinator, my role is to grow the community center into a full-day recreational site for individuals age 4–22, extending transportation services to Northborough and the greater Greenspoint area.

In our youth program, nearly 100 kids are setting their own expectations and exposing their peers to new ways of thinking. They’ve really taken the bull by the horns and understand that—aside from being cool kids or good athletes—being model students, citizens, and children is what will make them leaders of the future.

WALDEN: What are your goals for life post-graduation? Is there anything else you’d like to share?
PITTMAN: I plan on continuing what is not a race but a marathon toward social change in Houston communities. Dominion Preparatory School & Child Development Center director Tonya Dixon and I are extremely proud of our kids and want to express gratitude for their focus on education first, second, and last.

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