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Why get an MBA?

5 reasons to get an MBA degree (that have nothing to do with money).

The advanced education provided by on-campus and online MBA programs prepares students to meet business challenges in today’s global economy. But what is an MBA? Should you pursue one? And besides salary increases, what are some benefits of an MBA? We break all of this (and more) down for you below.

What is an MBA?

Short for master of business administration, an MBA is a graduate degree that focuses on the analytical, functional, and ethical applications of business. On campus or online, MBA programs typically require students to choose a specialization, such as accounting, marketing, or entrepreneurship.

Why get an MBA?

Why get an MBA?

If you find yourself thinking, “Should I get an MBA?” you’re not alone. Graduate programs—on campus or online, MBA or any other degree—are a big commitment of both time and money. Before deciding to pursue your MBA degree, it’s essential to make sure the benefits of an MBA degree are worth the resources you’ll devote to earning one.

Benefits of an MBA

The benefits of an MBA are numerous. From gaining a professional edge to expanding your business network, reasons to get an MBA are as diverse as those who are pursuing them.

Increased salaries are a well-documented benefit of an MBA. But what about other reasons

Below are some compelling reasons to get an MBA degree—none of which have anything to do with raises or salaries—that help answer the question that’s on so many professional’s minds, “Should I get an MBA?”

  • You’ll meet others who share your passion for business.
    Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, if you work for a company or for yourself, there’s nothing like finding like-minded individuals. MBA programs give you a rare opportunity to surround yourself with others who are as passionate about business as you are.
  • You’ll receive a holistic business education.
    It’s easy to get pigeonholed into a business specialization. On-campus and online MBA programs provide a holistic business education that will help expand your interests and your knowledge base.
  • You’ll become an effective communicator.
    A great benefit of an MBA is the chance to hone your professional communication skills. From writing papers and e-mails to giving presentations, an MBA degree program can help you learn to communicate effectively in business environments—an essential and highly valued skill in every industry around the world.
  • You’ll learn how to collaborate to meet goals, build teams, and work within them.
    Businesses are group environments. If you’re not already regularly working in teams, you will as you pursue your MBA degree, no matter if it is on campus or at an online university. You’ll do more than work in teams, you can learn how to build them—a truly invaluable skill in today’s diverse, global workforce.
  • You’ll expand your mind.
    Busy careers don’t offer much time for self-reflection. On campus or online, MBA programs provide the opportunity to step back and think about larger business issues, branch out in new directions, and consider new career opportunities. You can’t put a price tag on that.

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