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How many years does it take to get an MBA?

Time is often a major factor in many students’ decision to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The idea of spending several years completing coursework—possibly on top of a full-time job and familial obligations—can be a major dissuader for would-be students interested in pursuing their MBA degree. André Lynch knows this from personal experience.

“Typically it takes about two years to complete an MBA program,” explains André, who graduated from Walden’s online MBA program. “But with motivation and transfer credits, you could complete your online MBA in less time.” Listen as he discusses the time he spent completing his MBA degree online:

“The mentorship at Walden has been the greatest value. It’s consistent, ongoing, empowering, and encouraging. It’s a network that has provided a wealth of resources."
—André Lynch
Walden University
B.S. in Business Administration and
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Graduate

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