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5 Reasons to Get Your PhD in Forensic Psychology

From gaining a competitive edge to graduating as a forensic psychology professional, learn how this specialized doctoral degree can boost your career.

Psychology plays an important role in the legal system. If you’re interested in making an impact in the criminal justice system as a psychology professional, a PhD in Forensic Psychology may be for you.

While many universities offer psychology doctoral programs with specializations in forensics, some offer a specialized doctorate in forensic psychology.

5 Reasons to Get Your PhD in Forensic Psychology

Why earn a PhD in Forensic Psychology versus a doctoral degree with a specialization in the field? We’ve rounded up five reasons below.

  • You’ll get a specialized education.
    When you opt to earn a PhD in Psychology with a forensic specialization, you’ll be limited to just a few forensic psychology courses. These classes, many of them introductory, will only provide you with a high-level overview of the field. Enrolling in a PhD in Forensic Psychology degree program, however, will start you on the path toward a laser-focused, specialized education that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in forensic psychology, enabling you to follow your passion and prepare yourself for a rewarding career.
  • You’ll gain a competitive edge.
    If you’re certain you want to go into forensics, pursuing a PhD in Forensic Psychology is the best way to not only enter the field, but excel in it. In today’s competitive job market, a specialized degree can go a long way. When your dream job is on the line, a PhD in Forensic Psychology can give you a competitive edge against others vying for the same position. A doctoral degree in forensic psychology is more than a line on a résumé. It tells potential employers you have the advanced expertise to get the job done.
  • You’ll do independent research in your field.
    Pursuing a doctorate in forensic psychology provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in a chosen area of your field. Powered by doctoral courses in advanced research techniques and with leading forensic experts at your fingertips, your scholarly investigation will not only be personally rewarding, it will give you the chance to contribute new knowledge to the field.
  • You’ll be viewed as an expert.
    A PhD in Forensic Psychology can provide you with the academic credentials to be viewed as an expert in your field. As you take your doctoral courses, you’ll analyze seminal works in forensic psychology, engage in decision-making using relevant ethics codes, and conduct pioneering research, enabling you to gain the critical skills and insights to create real and lasting positive change in the legal system and community settings.
  • You’ll graduate as a forensic psychology professional.
    Graduating with a PhD in Psychology with a forensics specialization may require additional training or coursework to enter the field. When you enroll in a specialized PhD in Forensic Psychology degree program, you’ll be graduating as a forensic psychology professional prepared to enter the criminal justice system and make an immediate difference in populations such as the incarcerated, recently released offenders, the mentally ill, and juvenile offenders.

Start making a difference with a PhD in forensic psychology

Ready to make a difference as a forensic psychology professional? Walden University offers an online PhD in Forensic Psychology degree program that features the rigor of traditional classroom-based education combined with the convenience of online learning.

With six specializations to choose from, along with a general program, this specialized doctoral degree program is ideal for professionals who must balance work and family commitments. Walden also offers a Fast-Track Option for students who wish to complete their doctorate in less time. To take advantage of this option, students take additional courses and begin their dissertation early to expedite their path through the program. The Fast-Track option is currently available for all specializations.

Discover how Walden, an accredited online university, can help you start making a difference as a forensic psychology professional.

The PhD in Forensic Psychology is not a licensure program and does not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology professional.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,