Walden’s PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision Academic Residencies are held in convenient locations throughout the year. The three face-to-face residencies contribute to your academic and professional success by focusing on research, scholarship, and counselor education skills such as teaching and supervision.

Residency 1—Socialization

  • Days: 4
  • Format: Orientation, seminars, and colloquia
  • Focus: Socialization into Walden, introductory skills, team building, professional identity, and scholarly writing

Enroll in Residency 1 within within the first 90 days of enrollment in the core courses of your program.

Residency 2—Introduction to Teaching and Research Skills Development

  • Days: 8
  • Format: Required pre-work, supervised co-teaching and supervision of master's students, class with doctoral cohort
  • Focus: Research methods and skills, teaching and supervision in counselor education, and advanced clinical skills

To attend Residency 2, you must have completed COUN 8125 and RSCH 8101, 8201, as well as COUN 8203.

Residency 3—Advanced Teaching and Supervision and Research Design Presentation

  • Days: 8
  • Format: Research seminars, co-teaching, co-supervision, and group facilitation
  • Focus: Required pre-work, supervised teaching and clinical supervision experience, formal research presentation

To attend Residency 3, you must have completed COUN 8135, RSCH 8201, RSCH 8301, and either RSCH 8251 or RSCH 8451 or RSCH 8351.

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