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What Does a Chief Data Officer Do?

An online DIT program can prepare you to become critical player in managing corporate information technology needs.

We are inundated with data every day, from news feeds, web searches, social media, and “smart devices” to traditional sources such as newspapers and television. While this may be overwhelming to us as individuals, it can be a particularly acute problem for businesses, who must decide how to manage and analyze the vast amount of data they produce and collect. That’s where the chief data officer comes in.

As the amount of data generated globally increases exponentially, businesses are finding it increasingly valuable to add the job to their executive ranks. A survey of 254 chief information officers worldwide found that 61% would like to see a chief data officer hired within the next year.1 Yet, there is no one chief data officer job description. Companies tend to write these job descriptions depending on specific needs. But if a general list of job requirements were to be assembled, the chief data officer could be said to be both a strategist and advisor, someone who develops a strategy for how an enterprise manages data. This person forges links between internal databases and data stores so that information is easier to find and use. This, in turn, enhances a company’s ability to analyze data and use it in the decision-making process.

What Does a Chief Data Officer Do?

The chief data officer also looks for ways to lower the cost of consuming and using data, which is critical as the volume of information that must be processed continues to climb. Finally, the chief data officer must ensure the quality of the data the enterprise is using and producing so that it can make informed and accurate decisions.

Because this is an executive-level position, a chief data officer’s salary typically averages $179,000 annually.2 It is also a job that requires substantial experience with information technology, including strong communication skills and extensive knowledge of big data, data governance, statistics and mathematics, best practices for technical projects, and data modeling and visualization practices.

A Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) degree can help prepare you for this role. If you’re a working professional who is considering earning a degree, you may want to consider an online degree program such as the online DIT program offered at Walden University, an accredited institution. By studying online, you can continue at your present job while completing your studies at home and according to your own schedule. The Walden DIT program enables you to analyze various IT problems and devise solutions that are appropriate for your workplace. You will also examine qualitative and quantitative research methods and complete a doctoral study to demonstrate your ability to critique and synthesize knowledge and theory in an applied IT project. In short, you will gain practical skills and knowledge that can put you on the path to a challenging career.

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