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Doctor of Information Technology: Why Do I Need One?

Doctor of Information Technology: Become an IT leader

Becoming a leader in today’s world of information technology takes more than technical know-how. It takes advanced working knowledge of organizational structure and operational functions. It also takes excellent communication, leadership, and research skills.

Where can you find all this, uniquely tailored for IT professionals? In a doctor of information technology program.

Doctor of Information Technology: Why Do I Need One?

Doctor of Information Technology: Why Do I Need One?

According to Dr. Karlyn Barilovits, director of Walden University’s Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) program, technical abilities are not enough to launch, then sustain, a successful IT career at the senior level.

What else is needed? Critical thinking, she states. Problem solving. The ability to talk to technical and nontechnical colleagues alike.

“There’s this old image of the IT person down in the basement, working in the dark. That’s not how it is anymore,” Dr. Barilovits says.

Doctor of Information Technology programs seek to meet the advanced IT needs of today’s business world by preparing graduates with the strategic leadership and communication skills required to tackle everything from security breaches to advanced payroll systems.

PhD in Information Technology vs. Doctor of Information Technology

While it’s tempting to refer to both of these degrees interchangeably, a PhD in Information Technology and a Doctor in Information Technology are not one and the same.

A PhD in Information Technology focuses primarily on research and theory, with students choosing, then pursuing, one specific area of research.

While a Doctor of Information Technology program also cultivates research skills, it is much broader, instructing students how to apply those research skills to organizations and the broad, organization-wide IT problems they can face.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With a Doctor of Information Technology?

The IT job market is booming. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in the computer and information systems management field is expected to grow by a whopping 18% by 2020.

A Doctor of Information Technology will qualify you for a range of high-level positions in both the public and private sectors—positions you wouldn’t necessarily be qualified for with just a master’s degree, according to Dr. Barilovits.

“When you have a doctoral degree (in information technology), it opens many more doors than you could open with a master’s degree,” she states.

From industry to academia, the right doctor of information technology program can prepare you for a rewarding high-tech career.

What kind of jobs could you be qualified for with a doctorate in information technology? Potential career options may include:*

  • Chief information officer
  • Chief technology officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Information technology consultant
  • Information technology strategist
  • Higher education faculty member or administrator
  • Technical manager or director

Interested in Pursuing A Doctorate in Information Technology?

Walden University’s Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) online program can equip you with the skills you need to thrive in today’s IT industry. Learn how a doctorate in information technology can take your IT career to the next level.

*Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.