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The Benefits of an EdD

How becoming a Doctor of Education can help you effect positive change in your field

In the world of graduate education, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees tend to receive the most attention. After all, nearly everyone has heard of a PhD. But what about the EdD? What is an EdD and how can it benefit your career?

In this short article, we’ll explore what an EdD is and the benefits of receiving an EdD so you can determine if becoming a Doctor of Education is right for you.

The Benefits of an EdD

First things first: What’s an EdD?

An EdD is a doctoral degree in education. Whereas a PhD in Education focuses on theories and research on how people learn, an EdD focuses on how to best put those theories into practice.

The value of an EdD

Besides giving your résumé an added boost—and the benefits that come with adding “Dr.” before your name—the benefits of earning an EdD are many.

Unlike a PhD in Education, which focuses mainly on theory and scholarly pursuits, an EdD gives educators the unique opportunity to make local, positive change on a daily basis. From enhanced knowledge of in-classroom learning techniques to policy writing and research, those with an EdD have the knowledge and training to make differences within the profession.

Careers with an EdD

Whereas K–12 educators can benefit greatly from becoming a Doctor of Education, those with EdD can pursue a multitude of education careers outside the K–12 classroom, including:*

  • K–12 school administrators
  • University faculty
  • Policymakers and policy writers
  • Education researchers
  • Director of educational programs for corporations and nonprofit organizations
  • Program/course developer
  • Dean or associate dean
  • Program director or coordinator
  • Adult educator and trainer

Those careers are merely a sampling of what you’ll be able to pursue with an EdD. If you’re ready to change your world and the world of others, you’re ready to pursue your EdD.

Interested in an EdD to effect positive change in the classroom and beyond? Explore Walden’s online Doctor of Education program.

*Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.