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The Versatility of a BS in Criminal Justice Degree Online: From Corrections to Police Force to FBI

An online criminal justice degree can prepare you for a wide variety of careers.

The U.S. criminal justice system is a large, complex, and interconnected system of federal, state, and local agencies, processes, and professionals. They work together to control crime; impose penalties on lawbreakers; and provide justice, aid, and assistance for victims and offenders. If you earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you’ll have a good foundation for pursuing a variety of careers, including corrections officer, cyber crime investigator, homeland security border patrol, FBI agent, and others.*

How Does One Degree Launch So Many Careers?

An online criminal justice degree like a BS in Criminal Justice prepares you with a strong foundation and the flexibility to choose from several concentrations that help align your area of study with your career goals. Here are some of those specializations, along with some of the career options you may be able to pursue:*

The Versatility of a BS in Criminal Justice Degree Online: From Corrections to Police Force to FBI

Potential Career Options in the Field: Salaries for Criminal Justice Professionals (May, 2018)1

Position Median Annual Wage Top 10%
Police and Detectives $63,380 $106,090
Sociologist $82,050 $140,430
Administrative Services Managers $96,180 $165,470
Information Security Analysts $98,350 $156,580
Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists $53,020 $94,770
Correctional Officers and Bailiffs $44,400 $78,290

Beyond a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Some criminal justice careers may require additional education and training beyond your online criminal justice degree, as each job description will specify. A specialized bachelor’s in criminal justice degree will give you a strong start down the path toward your ideal career. It may also provide superior credentials and a competitive edge when compared with other job applicants. It will also give you a solid foundation for accelerating your education to earn an MS in Criminal Justice, and ultimately pursue a PhD in Criminal Justice.

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*Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of a degree program.